Spring Updates

It’s that time of year when I’m in the Spring cleaning/decorating mode, and although I love cleaning out closets and organizing; nothing quite compares to redecorating spaces in my home. Even the smallest change in a room like a new candle, pillow, or frame makes me happy, happy, happy ­čÖé

The subject: Living room(specifically top of bookcases)


I will always love this clock! I remember buying it from Target when Stephen and I were engaged. I felt so excited that I was buying something for OUR home together! This clock will always make me smile and I may use it again one day, but for now its time has run out(get it..time has run out and its a clock…haha). As far as the other decorative objects on the shelves, like the framed burlap, candlesticks, and baskets, I have no problem with them, I just want to freshen up the room. One of the joys of decorating is making those small changes that give a room a new look.

Three changes in our living room:

-Framed art I gave Stephen for his birthday back in January(that I just got framed and its April…oops)

-Izzy the Rhino(Stephen named him that ha)

-Painting the baskets I already owned

Remember when I said in my last post that I finally splurged and bought a white animal head…well say good bye to the clock and hello to Izzy the Rhino!


I love this print from Blacklist studio in Australia. I’ll definitely be ordering some more art from them.


A little white paint and these baskets have a fresh, new look.


These little changes have really given our living room a fresh vibe, and I am very happy with it!


Anyone else Spring cleaning/decorating?



Bedtime Story

Welcome to Day 5 and the final day of ‘House Tour’.

The last room to share with you is the master bedroom. By now, you should be able to tell that I like decorating with whites. Layering whites is beautiful, luxurious, and romantic, and that is how I wanted our bedroom to feel! The only thing in our bedroom that we’ve had since we first got married is the bedding, everything else we bought within the last year. We had dark bedroom furniture from IKEA, but sold it and started buying pieces from antique stores to get the light and bright look we really wanted.










Where’s it from?

Duvet and quilt: Pottery Barn

White pillows: Interior decorating store in dtn Franklin

Lamps: Base-Pier 1, Shade-Ballard Designs

Nightstands: Antique store

Framed art: Antique store

Ivory candles: IKEA

Mercury votives: Pier 1

Dresser: Antique store

Curtains: Pottery Barn

That’s it everybody, ‘House Tour” in picture form is officially over! Thanks for checking it out!

Stay tuned for my House Tour Video┬ácoming tomorrow…