House Tour

Here is a look at our first and current house, a 3 bed/2 bath 1975 brick ranch.

The Front

This was the first day we saw it. Baby blue trim, brass house numbers & dark brick.



I knew from the moment I laid eyes on the house that it was going to be painted white. I’ve always loved a painted white brick home and I knew that the dark exterior’s days were numbered. The paneling on the right end of the house used to be a garage, but was no longer a working garage. We ripped off the paneling, added a window and bricked in before painting the house so it looked like it was always like that. We lived in the house about 5 months before she got her fresh look.


New window, fresh paint, new gutters, new front door, house numbers and light fixture.



That was the first layer of revamping the exterior. After living with it like this for a year and replenishing our funds it was time for the next layer. Shutters, pergola & new front door color were the next addition. We still have more plans for the landscaping!


The Back



This was taken the night of our housewarming party. The hay bales aren’t always there ๐Ÿ™‚


Living Room

This is the angle standing in the dining area. We were sold immediately when we saw the big windows, brick fireplace and beams.



Ceilings sanded/painted, painted fireplace, new light fixture & new hardwoods!


The far left wall of the living room was the only thingstanding between me and an open concept living/kitchen. ย After a year of living with it, we were finally able to tear it down and make some updates to the kitchen. This is how it looked before.


Finally! Open concept.



This was the only entrance to the kitchen before we opened the wall. I added the light fixture and painted the walls right away and then made more changes a year later.



Fresh paint, new tile floor, subway tile backsplash & small kitchen island. As you can see the original cabinets are still there, but we may get new ones in another year or so as part of phase 2 of updating the kitchen. The door in the kitchen leads to the old garage which is an unfinished room housing all of our junk and washer/dryer. We have plans to finish it out very soon. I’m going to make it our multi functional, creative space/bonus room.



View standing in the kitchen before wall came down.




Dining Area

We had already started the carpet removal in this photo. It really just needed fresh paint, a new light fixture and a new door handle.







New floors, paint & light fixture. Runner and art still to come.


Guest Bathroom

The first door on the right in the hallway is the guest bathroom. This is how it looked when we bought it.



New tile, painted vanity, new hardware, removed brass door & added shower curtain. This is where it is now, but we still have plans to jazz it up a bit more.


Guest Bedroom

First door on the left in the hallway. It was just a beige box. Ha.



New paint & light fixture.


Office/Music Room



Not too much progress in here. Just fresh paint, removed old fixture and put in our current furniture. Once the garage room is finished this will become another guest bedroom or an eventual nursery. ๐Ÿ™‚_MG_2399

Master Bedroom

The third and final bedroom is the master. Not a huge room, but also not overly small.



Ceilings sanded/painted, new wall paint color & new light fixture. This is a room that will evolve over time. I already have ideas for a new light fixture, rug and other accessories.


Master Bathroom

I remember the first day we saw the house, we walked through every room and the last room we came to was the master bathroom. Let’s just say we were less than impressed. If you had asked us our wish list for a house, one of the top things would be a big master bath..funny to see how you compromise. ๐Ÿ™‚



Working with the VERY small space, we just removed the shower door, got new flooring & painted the vanity. Definitely not a dream bathroom, but it has all of the essentials and is attached to our room so can’t complain too much. Maybe our next house will actually have a real “master” bathroom. ๐Ÿ™‚


That completes our house tour. Thanks for stopping by! As progress is made I will continue to share.



One Comment on “House Tour”

  1. Bea Farmer says:

    You did a great job! Everything looks awesome

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