Layering the Exterior

The exterior of our home has gone through quite a few phases since we bought it.

Here’s what the exterior of our house looked like from November (when we bought it) until April when we started making some updates.

Next step was cutting down that tree on the far left, getting a new front door & removing the paneling on the far right and installing a window. We took a few steps in the right direction.


The next BIG update was painting the whole exterior white!!! The existing shutters & gutters came down and everything got painted! WOAH! Big difference


Next up: new dark gutters for contrast, house numbers & light fixture and front door color. It looked like this for almost a year. We knew it needed another layer, but had to wait for our funds to replenish.


As soon as the next Spring rolled around, we had shutters and a pergola made. This is what I had been waiting for…that next layer to make the exterior feel complete.


Shutters up close


Pergola up close


The wood had to stay in its raw state for almost a month for the chemicals to keep it from rotting to soak in. While that was taking place, I was debating about new colors for the front door for a pop of color. I narrowed it down to 2 colors…blue or blush pink.

This was the contender if I went blue: BM Wythe Blue

I love how its a subtle bluish/greenish/grayish, but makes a statement.


After going back and forth for a few days, I asked Stephen his opinion. Surprisingly, he was on board with blush pink…woohoo! Every girls dream 😉

Saying goodbye to beige


And hello to blush 🙂 It’s a very subtle blush tone which is perfect!! It’s BM- Odessa Pink. I definitely recommend it!


I love how happy it makes our house look and in the Spring it’s a nice pairing with the pink tree beside our house. 🙂


After the month of letting the wood cure, it was time for a stain. I knew I wanted something in the gray family.

I’m really pleased with how it turned out!





This is how it’s looking these days with the help of Fall leaves 🙂



Why not one more before and after 🙂





There is still A LOT of landscaping that needs to be done, but we are pleased with how far its come.

Thanks for stopping by!




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