White Ceramic Animals

I’ve been traveling on a tour since November and it has finally come to an end! It was a wonderful tour…met some amazing people that are now my good friends, visited 57 different U.S. cities, and saw countless people make decisions for the Lord. The tour was incredible, but I am SO happy about the fact that I will be home for longer than 3 day intervals, the weather is FINALLY getting warmer, and some home projects are calling my name! Hopefully, I will be back to posting more regularly, but I do have several beach trips coming up where I plan to do nothing but lay on a chair for days šŸ™‚

Anyways…today I want to talk about my love of white ceramic animal heads!! I don’t know what it is, but anytime I see a white animal head or even figurine I am immediately drawn towards it..you might be surprised that I have never actually purchased one though. Despite my love for them, I just have never bitten the bullet and bought one because they are always a little too pricey for what I want to spend.

Here’s a few inspiration photos of these white ceramic beauties!







Aren’t they just lovely? They can stand alone, be mixed in on a gallery wall with other pieces, be grouped with other white ceramic creatures…they just look great however you choose to use them. I am excited because I finally bit the bullet and bought an animal head of my own! Yayyy!

Stay tuned to see which white ceramic creature is now gracing us with their presence in our living room! šŸ™‚



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