House Crashing: Cozy Brick Ranch

It’s time for another House Crash!

Today, I am excited for you to meet Jeremy and Chandler! They are a sweet couple who live in Nashville, TN that I had the privilege of meeting over the summer at a mutual friends wedding! Chandler and I hit it off right away; we both share a passion for interior decorating and making a home feel beautiful! She also has a blog and was one of the people that inspired me to start this blog.

Here is the happy couple in front of their 1959 brick ranch!


So, let’s start the tour! When you walk in the front door you walk right into their cozy living room which opens up to the dining/kitchen area. Chandler is a very creative DIYer so many of the pieces you will see throughout this tour have been repurposed and look amazing!


This is the view standing from the other side of the living room! I love the white dresser that she is using as a tv stand, which is one of the pieces she repurposed, and the gallery wall is lovely.


Lets take a peek into the kitchen. The banquette was built by her handy husband Jeremy which turned out wonderfully; it provides more seating and great storage! Don’t you just love the white plates on the wall?



Just through the kitchen is their office! Many of the pieces in here Chandler found at flea markets, Craiglist and other bargain places! She really knows how to make a space look great without spending a ton of money! Doesn’t this room make you want to cozy up with some hot tea/coffee and read a book?


Walk through the office and you come to this beautifully stenciled hallway. Chandler stenciled this hallway by herself! Amazing, right? And there she is in all of her bridal glory 🙂


There’s a cute little bathroom on the left of the hall.


There is a room on the right of the hall which Chandler calls “her room” because it where she plays music, writes, and gets ready in the morning.


And their bedroom is at the back of the hall! She still has plans for this room so per Chandler, “It’s not done yet, but still a work in progress.” 🙂


So that is their sweet home! So glad they let me stop by and snap some pictures!!

Stay tuned for another House Crash next Thursday!



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