Live it Up

Welcome to Day 4 of House Tour!

Today, I want to welcome you into our living room. This is definitely our most used space! We love to lounge in the living room…its where we drink hot tea, watch tv & movies, listen to records, read, and doze off :). It’s a very comfortable and relaxing room! Only two pieces in this room have been with us from the very beginning…the trunk coffee table and the record table. Everything else we have acquired over the last 3 years!












Where’s it from:

Tufted couch: great store in dtn Franklin called PD’s

White fluffy pillows on couch: PD’s

Driftwood Mirror: PD’s

Floor lamp beside couch: Home Goods

Basket beside couch: Pottery Barn

Curtains: Anthropologie

Wingback chair: Antique store

Pillow & throw on wingback chair: Pottery Barn

White bookcases: IKEA

Accessories on top of bookcases: Antique store

Clock: Target

White dresser/TV stand: Antique store

Record table: Antique store

Lamp behind record player: Home Goods

Big chair: PD’s

Pillows on chair: Pottery Barn

Throw: Target

Trunk coffee table: Antique store; this was the very first piece we bought together! I love it!

Tray on coffee table: Pottery Barn

Milk glass pitcher: Flea market

Striped rug: Dash & Albert Rug Co.

So that is our living room!! Thanks for stopping by!



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