Favorite Friday

Today, this Favorite Friday is definitely going to be a little mooshy gooshy because Stephen and I have been together 8 YEARS today!!! We started dating October 25, 2005! Even though we are married now and celebrate our wedding anniversary we still like to remember our dating anniversary. One of the many reasons I love fall so much is that it takes me back to those feelings of young love when we first started dating.


So my Favorite Friday today is ‘Stephen’. I’ve liked the boy since 5th grade and it only took him 7 years to catch on! Haha. We started dating our junior year of highschool, we were 16, and have been together ever since! The Lord really blessed me and truly answered my prayers when he gave me Stephen. He exhibits all of the characteristics of love talked about in 1 Corinthians 13. He is patient, kind, not arrogant or rude, not irritable(sometimes :)) or resentful, and does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth! I am so blessed to be his wife!

So, enough of the moosh, I just want to share a few pictures of our relationship over the last 8 years! How about 8 pictures for 8 years!

The early years…


We’ve been blessed to be able to travel to many places together!


My sister Emily’s 60s/70s theme skating party.


I promise thats a loving squeeze of the face. Haha.


Times Square. One of my all time favorites.


When he proposed! It was PERFECT!!!


A couple of our engagement photos!


Happiest day of my life đŸ™‚


Us, just last week!


Ok, maybe that was 9 pictures…oh well. I’m so thankful for the man God chose to give me! He’s my favorite đŸ™‚

Have a wonderful weekend! Day 4 of ‘House Tour’ on Monday!



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