I was having lunch with my sweet friend Chandler, who also has a blog, check it out…and we were talking about decorating and how things come in and out of style. Plaids, matching everything, ornate, traditional, on trend…there are so many ways to decorate. Things can go out of style quickly or linger awhile, but I think there is a decorating style that is timeless. The example I want to share with you of a timeless look is none other than Meg Ryan’s apartment in ‘You’ve Got Mail'(my all time favorite movie). It came out in what…the mid 90’s and her apartment is still adorable. Image

First of all, the detailing in the molding is beautiful and I also love the floral prints on that wall to the left of her!


Then, her desk, where she sends/receives mail from NY152 🙂 accessorized with fresh flowers, books, and a cute lamp. I love the bookcases…I mean bookcases are always timeless!


Her bedroom! I love the headboard…like I would have it in my house right now!


The cozy other side of her bedroom with pieces that would look great in a home right now!


View of her kitchen! The doors, floors, art on the walls…all so perfect.


I just love her kitchen! That little antique table is so cute!!


Her living room just has a cozy feel. I want to curl up on that couch with a cup of hot tea! And lets not forget the daisies 🙂


I love this scene! Note: the antique bread box under that cute table in her kitchen. Every time I see those at antique stores I want to buy one, but they are always a little too pricey! One day I’ll just have to splurge 🙂


And just for the other You’ve Got Mail lovers…a picture of the best scene in the movie when “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is playing and Tom Hanks yells, “Brinkley”…ahhh! “Don’t cry, Shopgirl. Don’t cry.”


It’s ok to follow trends…we all do, but it’s never a bad idea to incorporate timeless pieces into your decor. Look at Kathleen Kelly, her apartment is still cute after all of these years! 😉



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