Favorite Friday

It’s time for another ‘Favorite Friday’. Today I want to share an album that will always take me back to our first year of marriage. It was our first home together (a small 1 bedroom apartment) that was cozy, inviting, and most excitingly OURS. I remember how exciting it was for us to have this place…the furniture, the towels, the kitchen utensils…everything was ours. We had a new found freedom in marriage and we were loving it! I remember putting this record on, having candles lit, cooking dinner, and waiting for Stephen to get home from work. Any time I listen to this record it always takes me back to that sweet first year of wedded bliss.

Irma Thomas SINGS


One thing I love about music is that it can instantly take you back to a time in life, whether happy or sad. For me, this record will always bring back those feelings of excitement, joy and love as a newlywed.


Stephen’s favorite for today are his Sid Mashburn Wingtips. He worked at Sid Mashburn, a men’s clothing store in Atlanta, for a couple of years and found an appreciation for well made clothing and shoes. Thankfully, he got a discount while working there or else he would have to appreciate the well made pieces from a distance. Haha. He loves these shoes and wears them all the time.



It’s only natural to share a photo of Stephen wearing his favorite shoes 🙂


Do you have any records/albums that you love that instantly take you back to a time in life? Any favorite shoes?

Have a great weekend! Stay tuned for Day 3 of ‘House Tour’ on Monday!



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