Get Your Craft On

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at stenciling on a canvas to create some personalized art for a while now and just haven’t done it. Well, no more was time for me to get my craft on!

Lately, I can’t get enough of the new Hillsong Young & Free album! It’s an amazing worship album and the lyrics are so beautiful! One song in particular called “Lifeline” has been stuck in my head nonstop, so that was my inspiration for this project. The lyrics I used are: “You are my hope, You never let go. Jesus forever, You’ve forgiven my failures”. Such truth in those lyrics! I’m singing it as I type this…But seriously, if you haven’t listened to it you really need to. Here’s a sample you can listen to but the lyrics I used are closer to the end of the song!

So first things first, the supplies:

  1. Blank Canvas
  2. Stencil Letters
  3. Stencil Brushes
  4. Craft Paint


I used Martha Stewart metallic craft paint in Titanium.


Also, Martha Stewart stencil brushes and letters.



First, I unwrapped my canvas and started planning out where the letters would go. There are ways to stencil more professionally than I did, like making straight lines as a guideline for your letters and taping the letters down as you paint, but I did neither of those. Haha. I just eyeballed it which means it didn’t turn out perfectly, but it turned out pretty good.


Next, dip your stencil brush into the paint making sure there is only a thin layer on the brush.


It was coming out a little messy at first (that’s why I said to make sure there is only a thin layer of paint ;)) because the paint was bleeding through the line of the stencil, but thats what white touch up paint is for, right? As I continued, I used less paint and started understanding how to stencil better.



After about 2 hours of stenciling..what can I say I’m a stenciling ammature, it was time to find a place for my new masterpiece (not really a masterpiece but still a ‘work of art’ :)) I found the perfect spot for it on top of my refrigerator. I always like to decorate the top of my fridge because it’s not cute and needs a little attention 🙂





It didn’t turn our perfect, but I still like it! My first try at stenciling I think i would give myself a B- haha, but you have to start somewhere. Next time I will actually follow the guidelines they give you, but it was fun to just go for it not knowing exactly what I was doing!

Have you ever tried stenciling? Any tips?



One Comment on “Get Your Craft On”

  1. Bea Farmer says:

    Great job! Impressive

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