White and Gold

One of my favorite combinations is white and gold. It’s beautiful, luxurious, classic, chic, and makes a statement. The simplicity of white with the pop of gold is so elegant. One of the beauties of decorating is you can create whatever look you want even if you don’t have the big bucks to spend. You just have to be willing to hunt for things…flea markets, thrift stores, antique stores, Target, TJ Maxx and Home Goods to name a few.

Today I am going to show you some beautiful rooms in the color scheme of none other than, white and gold! I will show you how you could create the same look at home with a simple trip to TJ Maxx. Yes, I am definitely a Maxinista :).

Image    Image


Image   711d1_interior-design_gold-accents_modern-decor_belle-maison-blog_4


Aren’t those spaces simply lovely?

What I found at TJ Maxx: some great tufted chairs, pillows, throws, mirrors, and other accessories.

Tufted Chairs: $129.99

photo 2 copy 2

Gold throw pillows: $19.99 each

photo 4 copy 2

photo 1 copy 2

photo 3 copy 2

White luxurious, soft throws: $19.99 each

photo 1 copy

Gold base lamps with white shades: $49.99 each

photo 3

photo 4

Gold industrial circle mirror: $99.99

photo 5 copy 2

Moroccan style brushed gold mirror: $24.99

photo 3 copy

Square brushed gold mirrors: $24.99 each

photo 4 copy

Gold frames: $5.99 & $6.99

photo 1

Beautiful white frame: $12.99

photo 2

White ceramic vase & gold mercury candlesticks: $25.99 & $6.99 each

photo 5 copy

Gold horse head(my favorite): $59.99. There is just something fabulous about a horse head statue!

photo 2 copy

So, I hope I have showed you that it is possible to get that luxurious, chic look of a white and gold room without spending an arm and a leg. Now I really wish I had a room to decorate!!

Anyone want a white and gold room? 🙂



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