Loft Love

Our 2nd year of marriage we lived in an amazing loft filled with great character. Exposed brick walls, exposed duct work, huge windows, high ceilings, old hardwoods, concrete floors…it was pretty perfect. I loved living in that sweet little loft and miss it often. It’s funny how a place can hold so many memories and bring back so many great feelings. Now, someone else lives in it and it’s home to them, but I still feel like I could walk in and it would be exactly the way it was when we lived in it.

So, I thought I would share some pictures of our loft with you. All iPhone photos so not the best quality, but you’ll get the idea of what it looked like and why we loved it so much.

First, you are going to see a picture of our bedroom. It had beautiful exposed brick walls and concrete floors.


Our bedroom didn’t have a door so this was what you saw if you were sitting on the bed. The bathroom door was there on the left and straight ahead is the main living/dining/ kitchen area.


The living room. Oh, how I loved this living room. It was so cozy! The mantle is actually an antique store find that worked perfectly in our loft, but now sits in storage because there was no space for it in our current apartment. I miss it! One day, she’ll be back in our home!


The kitchen was in the same room as the living room. The floorplan was extremely open which I loved! The kitchen island is the piece I am now using in my current dining nook as a dinette.


This was our little dining area. Clearly not a room, but having the rug down and the couch as a makeshift divider it felt somewhat separate


I love, love, loved the hardwoods!


Sorry for the terribly blurry picture, but this was the entry hallway. It was quite a long hallway.


This was the view from the hallway when you walked in.


This was the last picture we took in our loft. All of our furniture and memories packed up and nothing left but 4 empty walls. It was a hard move and of course I cried like baby, but it was on to the next adventure for me and Stephen!


So now you’ve seen a little piece of our previous home that I will never forget and will always hold dear to my heart.

Thanks for stopping by!




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